Ah, the iPhone X, one of the most outstanding smartphones that has ever existed, a phone with more capability than the majority of us will ever understand, and a phone which has once again raised the bar in terms of what we should expect from a smartphone. The issue that most of us have however, is the cost, running at between $900 and $1000, this is not exactly small change. Of course it is not just the handset which will cost money, also you will have to pay for mobile usage and of course you are going to need to get a new skin for your iPhone X, so is it all really worth it? Before you part with this huge chunk of change, here is exactly why it is more than worth the money you plan to spend.

More Than a Phone

It almost seems foolish to refer to these gadgets as phones, especially given that actual calling and speaking to people is only about 1% of what we use these devices for. Gone are the days of actual phones, these days we have computers in our pockets, and the iPhone X is no different. In fact the iPhone X can outperform many computers, it has the speed, the memory and the power that some makes and models only wished that they were able to offer clients. Remember that in spending the money on this phone, you are actually investing in a highly functional and very small computer.


Because of the fact that you are investing in more than a phone, you can actually make savings elsewhere in your gadget arsenal. For example the 2 x 12MP cameras which the iPhone X offers are outstanding, and make the need for a camera non-existent. Thanks to the quality of the screen with its beautiful OLED screen, you have no need to watch movies or play games on a tablet,  because there is nothing that they can do that the phone cannot. The point is that this is a highly multi-functional device which not only does a lot of stuff, but does that stuff so well that you no longer need additional toys and gadgets.


Many wouldn’t think twice about dropping a $1,000 on a winter coat, or a pair pop gorgeous new shoes, but they do when it comes to investing in a device with so much capability. Remember that when you take your phone out each day, the world is watching, and if you are whipping out your fancy iPhone X and open that lock screen with facial recognition, you can bet your bottom dollar that the eyes of envy will be everywhere. Apple is stylish and the iPhone X is their catwalk product, just another reason why you should add it to your collection.

Don’t worry about the money, if you can afford it, you shod most definitely invest in this brilliant smartphone.