There are few things that compare to that joyous feeling of when you start up a new computer for the first time. Everything is brand new and it just feels very fresh. However, you don’t have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a regular basis just to get that feeling when you get a little tired of your current computer. You can make your digital experience feel fresh and rejuvenated just by using a few small tweaks.  Not having a messy desktop, and actually finding yours appealing can help you increase productivity and boost your mood. Here’s how you can personalize your computer in style.

Clean up your home screen

One of the main reasons why people hate looking at their computers is because they never clean the home screen, or the desktop as it’s referred to. Cleaning it is a simple task that only takes a couple of moments. Just take that time to decide what’s worth keeping and what should go. You’ll be amazed by how big of a difference it can make to have a couple less icons on screen. This also includes getting rid of the cluster in your app dock.

Change your wallpaper

There are only so many wallpapers available to you before you get bored with all of them. The wallpaper is one of the central parts of personalization and changing it from time to time allows you to keep things fresh and exciting. If you are currently watching a TV show, playing a game, or are just infatuated with something specific , getting a wallpaper that represents that will be awesome for your new design. There are many sites you can use to find new wallpapers, like

Plat with app settings

You can personalize your Mac through more than just settings that change the overall appearance of your system. You can go even deeper than that and personalize individual apps. That adds quite a bit of character to your desktop and allows you to create cool and unique combinations. For instance, there are apps that allow you to play around with their bar theme, or fonts. Making each app your own adds up to a lot of personalization overall.

Use new sounds

Hearing the same sounds over and over again will constantly remind you of how old your system actually is. Luckily, you can change this too, just by heading over to the System Preferences screen and opening the System Voice option under Accessibility>Speech.  From here, you can select what your alarm will sound like from now on. Before you know it, you’re blown away by how different everything feels.

While neither of these tweaks seem extremely impactful on their own, they amount to a considerable change from what your system used to look like. That goes to show you that with just a bit of creativity you can have what looks like a brand new computer you can enjoy.