Thinking of taking a trip? Whether you are going away for business, excitement, or a relaxing family trip; here are some of the best travel apps to make your decision a success. Most of us don’t get as much vacation time as we’d wish, so if don’t want to waste any time when on vacation. Use these best travel apps to maximize the time you spend doing the things you want to do on your next big vacation.
Best Travel Apps
Google Translate
If you are taking a trip to a foreign country you may need a little help in the language department. That is where Google Translate comes in. Most of us know about Google’s basic translate function, put in “x” and outcomes “translated y.” Few of us realize the pros of getting the Google Translate smartphone app. Some of the amazing features of Google’s Translate App are the ability to translate realtime using your phone’s camera. Not sure what that street sign says? Point your phone at it and google will translate the text in real time. You can also use most of the 120 languages off-line, so when traveling you wont be stuck without translations. Google Translate is one of the best travel apps and will mean you will never be confused looking at menus again.

If you are traveling the USA you will need to be sure you have Yelp! Yelp is a peer review site that you have probably heard of, or even used in your town to find new restaurants. Well Yelp! takes it to new levels when you are in a new city or on a road trip. You may just drive right past one of the nation’s best BBQ joints or a legendary dive bar if you didn’t have this best travel app.

If you like Yelp! you will love TripAdvisor, especially if you are traveling abroad. If you are looking for the best Beer Haus in Germany, spiciest Tom Yum Gung in Bangkok, or best tacos in Mexico City; TripAdvisor can be a life saver. Their reviews are generated by other users so you can trust them more than the brochures sitting on your hotel bed. Oh, did we mention they do hotel/motel reviews as well?

The latest craze in travel is homestay. AirBNB lets you rent out rooms, condos, or full homes from local residents. Think of it as Uber but for hotels. One of the bests parts of AirBNB is that you can stay in neighborhoods usually reserved for locals. This lets you have a more authentic and enjoyable vacation. You will also get to meet some friendly neighbors and even save money on your stay! So before you book your next hotel check out the latest best travel App AirBNB.


So whether you are going to Fiji, Fuji, of Frankfurt; don’t forget to bring the best travel apps along with you to make sure you get the most out of you next big trip! Technology is making traveling easier everyday!