Do you have a spare bedroom in your house or apartment? Have you dreamt about a perfect place for you and buds to hang? Here are some tips on how to create the ultimate man cave.

Create the Ultimate Man CaveElectronics
First things first, lets talk electronics. Every man cave is only as good as its TV and sound. So you will want to have latest and greatest TV, these days that means OLED and 4k. Both these give you the crispest quality whether you are watching sports, movies, or playing video games. You also need the latest console, either a Playstation4, Xbox One, or the upcoming Nintendo Switch. You may be pleased to know that some of these consoles include BluRay players so that’s one less piece of equipment. Don’t forget the sound system, the latest trend in stereos is retro vinyl players.  It’s easy to incorporate a turntable into a nice Hi-Fi set-up. We also recommend getting everything through the same sound system, TV, games, and music can share speakers to cut costs and wires. Once you got everything set up, consider what TV package (if any) you want to get, do you want satellite, Cable, or maybe just a smartTV box with high-speed internet for streaming. While there is nothing wrong with a mini-fridge, you can do better; with the craft-beer craze in full tend right now, why not put in a mini-keg and tap, imagine having cold tap beer of varying types for you and your friends!

Keep it Classy
Just because it is a “man cave” doesn’t mean it has to look like a frat house.  Think more “Mad Men” and less “Animal House” by trading your wrinkled up posters and dirty couch for some mid-century furniture and tasteful art. You will want to spend time in here and your friend to join you, so decorate it accordingly. A classy man cave is the ultimate man cave. You can find plenty of design inspiration through sites like Pinterest. Remember you can be manly and stylish, reclaimed woods and exposed brick are good choices. Also, instead of the logo of your favorite team, consider using their team colors as trim. This is a good way to show your team spirit without overdoing it. Also instead of a ripped up Ramones poster, think about getting a punk-insipred portrait of your favorite band. So remember for your man cave, keep it classy not trashy!

While we know this sounds expensive, remember you don’ t need to do it all at once. Make a budget at build your ultimate man cave incrementally. Also, if you keep your man cave classy, you can expect it to add to resale value of your home as you will have a nice “den” instead of a grubby garage. Most of all remember this room is for fun, so make it your own and add things to guarantee your continued enjoyment of this new addition to your home. Maybe you could even have a party to show off your new classy and high-tech man cave.