If you have enough space in your bathroom then freestanding baths are a great option which can add some real luxury to the space. These tubs are not connected to the walls, but sit rather elegantly in the center of the room and can become a real focal point inside the bathroom. However, the installation is not as easy as you may think, even if you already have the plumbing in the floor. One of the most critical things to consider when you are installing this kind of bathtub is that you have properly secured it to the floor. In order to do this there are a few steps to carry out during the installation process, let’s take a look.

Weight of The Tub

In almost all cases when installing these baths, the weight of the tub itself will be enough to secure it to the floor. There is rarely a need for any kind of connections between the tub and the floor. The only component which will need to be secured to the floor is the drain hole, which will have some silicon around it and a washer connecting the tub. Once the installation is finished you should run some caulk around the base of the tub to avoid any water seeping under rather than securing the tub.

Slippy Flooring

If you have slippy flooring such as tiles, then securing your tub may need a little more work. This can be easily achieved through the use of slip-mats, which can be added to the base of the tub. These tear-off strips are very easy to apply, they stick to the tub with adhesive and have an abrasive side which ensures no slipping once installed. There are also a range of other adhesive options which can be explored to avoid any unwanted movement of the tub.

Ensuring a Level Floor

Baths generally sit snug to the bathroom floor and that is why you must ensure that the floor is completely level before installing. This is a mistake which many make and it is ultimately critical to making sure that the tub isn’t moving. It is recommended to use a spirit level check to see if your floor is level. If the floor is not level then you may have to find another spot for the tub, which is more flat. An alternative is also to look at a remodel of the bathroom to level out the floor and allow for a bathtub to be placed in. However, this can be a costly & time consuming undertaking.

Freestanding baths look amazing and they offer a wonderful place for individuals to relax and soak. There is one thing which will ruin that however and that is a tub which moves around when you are in it. Not only this, but a moving tub is also a dangerous hazard when you get in and out. For these reasons, always make sure that your tub is firmly secured with no movement once it has been installed.