The idea of a kitchen upgrade can easily put fear into the heart of your bank account but you may be surprised to learn that this doesn’t have to be the way. In fact there is a huge array of changes and additions which you can make to the kitchen which will upgrade it without it costing you very much at all. If you have the budget of course then a full remodel will look great, this isn’t a necessity if you are strapped for cash and just want to give the space a new look.

Kitchen sinks, styles, accessories and fittings don’t have to cost the Earth, so here is how you can get that low budget upgrade you need.

Focusing on Accessories

The first place to start here, which may eat up a lot of your budget but will make a huge impact, is on the accessories. A perfect example of this is your kitchen taps, which will really freshen the place up. In some cases you may even find that new taps give the feeling of a whole new sink unit, yet all you have changed is one detail. Additionally you can look to upgrade light switches and even smaller details like soap trays to give a new look to the kitchen.

Kitchen mixer taps aren’t the only additions you could make here, changing the handles on your cupboards and drawers can also be a simple, cheap and impactful change which you can make here.

Bringing The Outside In

House plants in the kitchen add freshness and life to what may be a tired space, and this is a great low budget hack for upgrading your kitchen. Bringing herbs into the kitchen will add greenery and a source of ingredients, alternatively hardy indoor plants can be carefully placed to breathe life into the room.

Open Shelving

Most kitchens have closet space with doors on them, yet you could release the potential of some of the spaces here with open shelving. Removing just one or two of those smaller cupboards and adding some floating shelves will give the feeling of more space and new look to the kitchen on the whole.

Buying a New Backsplash

The backsplash behind the hob is a large, single piece of material which catches the attention when you enter into the kitchen. These may not be dirt cheap but you can certainly find some reasonably priced options which differ from what you currently have. This will make a big difference in your kitchen and can transform the cooking area.

A Fresh Lick

As simple as it sounds, sometimes a new coat of paint is all the space needs to feel as if it has had a makeover. Paint the ceilings, the skirting boards and any open wall space, in order to reinvent the kitchen and give it a bold new look.

These are some great options which will give you kitchen the upgrade which you are looking for, without you having to spend big in order to do so.