Timber decking can create a great look in any garden or yard and provides individuals with the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors. There are many styles which can look to be employed into a deck and many individuals are beginning to get a lot more ambitious when they design and construct the perfect deck for their outdoor space.

One tricky approach which individuals can look to utilise when designing their deck is to curve it. While professionals understand there are ways in which they can curve the wood to create unique designs and sleek edges, for DIYers there is a much more simple approach to achieve this look. Here is what you’ll need to create a curved timber deck.

Preparing The Design

Before even considering going out shopping for timber, the very first step is to map out the perfect design for your deck. Measure the space where the deck will go and draw a rough plan on paper as to how much space as well as the overall design you are looking to employ. Once you have done this, forget about how the timber will be cut and laid, mark out the space in your backyard to ensure the design & specs match.

Identifying The Right Timber

The next step is to pick the right material for your deck, and if you are going to create a curved deck then you will need to be smart about which is the right option. When choosing the material you should be looking for a material which will look great, and is very easy to work with. You are going to be doing a lot of cutting here, so you need some light timber which you feel comfortable working with. Naturally cost will also play a key part in the deck design.

Get Your Tools

Before you begin to cut the material, make sure that you have all tools which you will need available to you. You will need an electric saw, a spirit level, a table to cut on and of course a hammer and nails to install the timber decking.

Measure Twice Cut Once

Once you have laid out the frame for your decking, the next step is to create that curved look at the edge of the deck. The simplest way to do this is to cut each plank to a different length, gradually increasing the length as you lay the slats, and then reducing that length again on the other side of the deck. To create the best look regarding the curves, aim to change the length by no more than 10cm for each wooden slat, as any more than this will look messy and will not give you the curve you want. Equally you should make sure that the length difference is the same between every plank. If you are going to cut 10cm in difference, that should be the same for each slat of the timber deck.

Take your time with this and before you nail any timber onto the frame, be sure that everything all lines up and gives you the curved effect which you are trying to achieve. Once you feel confident, then you can permanently install it & start to enjoy your new deck.