Investing in a new kitchen is fraught with design challenges and difficulties in deciding on the details. One very important factor to think about when redesigning this room are the kitchen tapware.

You may think that the taps are a relatively basic choice, but there are a range of options and your selection could be a make-or-break regarding the overall style of the space. The choice is ultimately going to come down to a combination of function and style, and here are just some of the options which you have before you.

Mixer Taps

A kitchen mixer is a very convenient option, using a single lever to enable you to switch between hot and cold with ease. This style choice is generally found in modern kitchens and they are chosen because of the way that they look and the benefits which they offer. Not only are mixers a convenient option, but they generally use less hot water which offers an energy saving feature too.

Pillar Taps

Pillar taps are a more traditional choice, featuring two single taps which are individually controlled. These may have levers to switch them on and off, or you could also opt for the more traditional twist design. If you are looking to create that classic farmhouse kitchen look for example, then this could be an ideal choice for you. Whilst these may not be the most convenient choice for kitchen taps, they look great, are very affordable and they also come in a broad range of materials.

Wall Mounted Taps

Wall mounted kitchen taps have grown in popularity in recent years, especially for those looking for an upscale and chic kitchen. Thanks to minimal plumbing and the location of the tap, this option creates much more space around the sink and lends itself perfectly to a minimalist aesthetic.

Dual Handle

Dual handle kitchen taps feature a single spout which is usually accompanied by a lever on either side. This is a very convenient option and getting the temperature right takes very little time. Using a dual handle you can switch seamlessly between hot and cold water, while a flexible spout also makes this an ideal choice for those with double bowl sinks.

Tap Extras

Depending on the style of your kitchen and the sinks which you have in place, you can also consider a range of tap extras for the space. For instance, you may wish to have an extendable hose coming from the upper region of a tap, which allows for rinsing dishes ahead of washing. Some will also opt for dual taps, which means that food prep can be done, even if someone is in the middle of washing dishes.


All of the kitchen taps listed here can be supplied in a range of materials from brushed chrome to copper, stainless steel to brass. The material you decide upon will very much depend on your budget and what the theme of your kitchen is.

To decide what best works for you, simply consider how you use the sink area and the taps in your daily life. With regards to style, don’t hesitate to take inspiration from kitchen showrooms and other resources such as magazines and design websites.