Disabled? Get the get social security disability benefits to which you are entitled.

Try as we might, some of us end up developing physical or mental health problems which stand in the way of us being able to hold down a steady job.

However, the fact that we all have bills to pay is an unavoidable reality of life. To avoid hordes of disabled people from flooding the streets, the SSA (Social Security Administration) established a system of disability benefits many years ago to ensure a minimum standard of living for those unable to obtain gainful employment.

If you find yourself in this situation but have yet to apply for coverage under this program, here’s how you can apply for and get social security disability benefits.

Pull together all the info you’ll need to make a claim

At any given time, the government is flooded with more disability claims than they can afford to pay, so it is on you to prove you are truly incapable of acquiring gainful employment.

This is done by pulling together information such as your social security number, medical paperwork and contact information of doctors and caregivers who presided during your initial period of disability and those who continue who care for you, any meds you need to be on, etc.

Take your time and be thorough with the information you gather – the more evidence you provide, the better chance you have of being accepted by the SSA on your first try.

Start an application with the SSA

Once you have gotten together all the documentation you can muster, download an application from the SSA website or pick the form up from your local SSA office.

Pay close attention to each field you encounter, as filling in any one of them incorrectly can cost you dearly in terms of time.

The average application for disability benefits can take as long as five months to make their way through the system.

According to bureaucrats within the SSA, one of the top reasons that claims are denied is due to fields being filled in incorrectly, insufficiently, or not at all.

Save yourself the time and frustration that comes with filing an improperly completed claim by hiring the services of a social security disability lawyer in Salt Lake City.

These professionals will be able to answer any questions you might have about the process and will prompt you to seek out any information you are missing in your application.

If denied, file an appeal as soon as possible

Despite your best efforts, your first application still may end up getting rejected. This shouldn’t surprise nor shock you, as there is a limited amount money available for these claims.

Every year, the number of claimants keep rising each year as the population gets older, and the working age population keeps shrinking.

This is another great reason to have a social security disability lawyer on your side, as they will be able to react to the government’s rejection of your application in an effective manner based on the rationale supplied for your refusal.

For example, if they denied it on the basis that you failed to follow prescribed therapy, they can counter with a variety of reasons why you ceased that specific treatment (e.g. fear of addiction to specific painkillers prescribed after an operation).

If they can prove you have a legitimate reason for bending a specific rule the SSA has, you stand a chance of winning your appeal.