Whether you are a Tindr pro or looking for that special someone on OKcupid here are some dos and don’t of online dating that will make sure you stay safe and maybe find someone really nice.

Don’t Overshare
Online dating works best when you just make the initial connection. There is no need to put all your details on your profile or spill everything when asked. This helps keep you safe online but it also keeps excitement in dating. Remember, dates are about getting to know someone and this can be still be done much better in common than online. So use apps and online dating sites to meet fun people that may have similar interests and be compatible but don’t pry too much, if you don’t see any red flags why not go for coffee? The best way to get to know people is to meet them in person.

Dos and Don’ts of Online Dating
Be Honest
There is no reason to lie, whether it is in a photo or your profile. Don’t say you are richer or thinner or more adventurous than you really are. If you are looking to find someone you can have a relationship with you want that relationship to be build on trust. Also, if you misrepresent yourself it will only lead to awkwardness and stress down the line. Remember you never know if you are meeting “the one” and perhaps you could maybe marry this person one day! Imagine having to continue this same lie for the rest of your life! So be honest and put your best foot forward but be sure it is your own foot.

Step out of your Comfort Zone
If you haven’t met that perfect person yet and your usual circle isn’t working, why think that it would work online? You are doing online dating to meet new people so expand your interests, meet people you wouldn’t usually meet, if you step out of your comfort zone when online dating you will meet some new and interesting people. You may also find new passions and interests you didn’t know you had!

Group Dates
Going out it in a group can be a good way to get to know someone you met online without the intimidating of one on one meetings. It also can be safer because you can bring a friend along. So if you meet someone ask if they have a friend, and you can bring a friend too. This double date will be more fun and more safe!

So remember, safety is key when meeting strangers, just because you’ve chatted with someone doesn’t mean you really know them. Also, you should try and step out of your comfort zone. Be honest in your profile photos and your bio because you never know how long you will have to keep up your little white lie! Finally don’t overshare, keep some secrets and let your relationship unravel in a natural and in person way. Good luck and have fun out there it’s a wild new world!