Do sex toys make bedroom time less intimate? Only if you want them too! Sex toys, including male sex toys, can enhance couple sex. Data journalist Jon Millward found that in a sample of men who had purchased cock rings, 25% were in relationships while 21% were single. Cock rings remain a popular choice for couples’ sex toys.

Here are our top 3 reasons we should normalize and include male sex toys in the bedroom.

1. Sex Toys Can Help Balance Couple Stamina

Toys can satisfy individuals when they are far away from or unable to connect with a partner. However, they can also be used in partner play. Use a vibrating toy to stimulate both parties, or by serving as a partner substitute when a couple’s stamina levels do not match.

Pandora’s Box of Love site features realistic vagina toys that can teach men about their own bodies with vibrations and differing sizes. Used during partner play, these toys can offer an exciting shift or break times for your sexual partner.

2. Sex Toys Can Make Sex Last Longer

Sex toys can even act as physical stimulators for longer sex. Cock rings in particular can offer stimulation for men while increasing time in the bedroom. These toys restrict blood flow within a penis. This results in a harder erection that can last longer in the bedroom.

Partners can then have sex for longer, resulting in more bonding time and satisfaction. In particular, this can also help men with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation symptoms better “match” their own and their partner’s needs.

Using other solo male toys can also help build resistance in men and prevent premature ejaculation. If you or your partner is wanting for longer bedroom time but unable to last longer, consider male sex toys as a means of “training” for partner time.

3. Health Benefits of Male Sex Toys

According to Dr. Stephanie de Giorgio on in 2018, male sex toys can help men with erectile dysfunction, post-surgical problems, and premature ejaculation. While our previous reasons to include male sex toys in the bedroom relate directly to couple sex, sex toys can also help men recover from conditions preventing them from having sex, to begin with.

Occasionally, penile suction devices are even prescribed to individuals with erectile dysfunction to help jumpstart erections. Consider trying a more easily accessible male sex toy first.

Does using a cock ring make a difference for you? What about adding in vibrators during couple sex? If none of these help with your bedroom happiness or stamina, consider meeting with your doctor about alternative methods.

Male Sex Toys Increase Bedroom Happiness

Male sex toys can improve your bedroom couple’s happiness and personal happiness. Playing with sex toys can also teach you about your own body’s wants and needs.

Ready to explore how male sex toys can increase couple happiness? Have a conversation with your loved one today about testing new toys together. With clarity and patience, sex toys can increase trust, improve health, and add excitement to both of your lives.