Are you a recent high school grad considered college. Or maybe you are a college sophomore and still undecided? Here some tips for picking a major that you won’t regret.

picking a majorDo it for You
There will be no shortage of people telling you what to major and want not to major in, from family, friends, to complete strangers everyone thinks they know best. Remember, when picking a major; the best thing you can do is pick a major that makes you happy. This is your life, your career, and your hard work. Don’t do what you think is “cool” or what you parents did. You will live with this decision for a long time so give it some thought and trust your heart. Even if you passionate about a major in theatre or the arts; you may face some fierce feedback about marketability, but if you are passionate and work hard you can  achieve in any major.

Take Advice
While we just told you to “do it for you” you also need to take advice. At the end of the day it is your decision but you should listen to people who have been in your footsteps. Ask people who seem happy in their current professions or have similar interests or personality than you. Sometimes it is best to ask outside of your family, where there is less bias. Talk to people at coffee shops or around campus and see what they liked and didn’t like about their majors!

I know you are probably sick of doing homework at this point but you need to do a little more. Just because you like the way “journalism” sounds as a major, do your research when picking a major. Find out what percentage of graduates find jobs on the field and what they are payed starting and after a few years. Is this a salary you are comfortable with? Are you ready to compete in this field. There are plenty of statistics readily available from your college and others that will tell you info about your desired majors. Also be sure and get some first hand accounts from current students and graduates to learn what it is like while in the program and after graduation.

Our biggest tips for picking a major are pretty common sense. You will need to take advice when it is available but you will also need to listen to your heart. College is a lot of hard work, a lot of money, and a big commitment  so be sure and do your homework too. You want to make sure the major you pick is the one you really want. Another essential tip on picking a major is too not stress too much! Remember while it is an important decision you can always change it, you can also work in fields not in your major (it happens all the time.) Good luck and follow your passions!