How sexy do you feel in the bedroom?

Sex is one of the most intimate things you can share with a partner. Psychology states that a good sexual connection can help in sustaining a relationship. However, there are many things that can hinder a person in the bedroom.

When you lack sexual confidence, it can affect your life in the bedroom. If this is your problem, don’t worry; we got you! In this article, we show you how to feel sexually confident in the bedroom.

Focus on Pleasure and Desire

It can be difficult to focus on sexy time if you’re thinking about how you look. People who lack body confidence often think about what the other person thinks of this. Changing your mindset during sex can help with this.

Of course, doing this will take some time in practice. Start by shifting your thoughts to your partner. It can be easy to get caught up thinking about what we should do or say that we forget what our partners are doing.

Try to focus instead on their touch and how good they make you feel. Shift your attention to their reactions and words. Focusing on your partner leaves no room for you to think about yourself, allowing you to feel more in the moment.

Explore Your Interests

It’s crucial to know your interests whether or not you’re in a romantic relationship. Allow yourself to explore new things and discover what gets you off in bed. Don’t feel discouraged if you find something about your body that you don’t like.

Acknowledging your insecurities is often the first step to building your confidence. It can also help you set boundaries and teach you how to be more confident about your body. Find out if you have any kinks, preferred techniques, or other things you may like in bed.

Wear Lingerie

If you’re looking for a quick confidence boost, consider wearing lingerie. Wearing sexy lingerie instead of your usual bra and panty set can help you get in the mood to play a sexy character. You don’t need to go all out and spend hundreds to please your partner.

Find something that makes you feel confident and suits your taste. If you’re new to wearing lingerie, opt for something a little outside your comfort zone. You can check out this guide to discover the different types of lingerie and which one suits your body best.

Dim the Lights

If you often worry about what your partner thinks of you, consider dimming the lights. Turning down the lights can take away insecurities because your partner can’t see you. This also allows you to focus more on each other’s touch.

Most couples prefer dim lights during sex. Slight lighting adjustments can give you a soft and flattering shadow. Many couples turn down the lights as a quick way to set the mood for sex.

Now You Know How to Feel Sexually Confident

Now you know how to feel sexually confident in yourself in the bedroom. Changing your mindset and setting the mood are great ways to start building sexual confidence.

However, you don’t have to stop here! Check out our other blog posts for more sensual tips and tricks for the bedroom.