Got a big job interview lined up? If you are hoping to land the job of your dreams, be sure and dress the part. Here is how to dress for an interview that will make sure you land that dream job. Dressing can be a major part of the crucial first impression when hoping to land that job so follow our  tips on how to dress for an interview.

How to Dress for an InterviewKnow the Job
Dress appropriately, we can’t stress this enough.  Do a bit of research on what is customary in the workplace you are applying for. A 3 piece suit may be out of place for a job where you work in a warehouse and a polo shirt is probably underdressing for a job at a law firm. If you are a looking for a job at a hip design firm, maybe your look should reflect more edgy and trendy designs. So ask around, do some googling, and you will get an idea for what is industry appropriate.

When in Doubt Dress “up”
If you can’t figure out what they dress like at the job you are applying for, when in doubt put on a tie or a suit. You are better overdressed than underdressed. A well-fitted suit can be versatile and you will likely not offend anyone with this classic look. If you get to the lobby and see you are overdressed you can always ditch the tie or jacket. It’s easier to dress down last minute than try and find a tie!

“Shoes make the man” and this is never more true than deciding how to dress for a job interview. Your shoes don’t have to be expensive but they should be nice. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen a nice suit or other job interview outfit ruined by a crummy pair of shoes. Nothing ruins a look or lets on that you are not comfortable in an outfit than a dirty pair of tennis shoes. So invest in a nice pair of leather of faux leather shoes. Keep them clean and be sure they match your belt.

Add Some Flair
Sometimes you need something to make you stand out during a job interview. Having a potential employer remember you can mean standing out from the pack. So consider a memorable accessory, such as a brightly colored tie, nice cufflinks, or a pair of funky ear-rings.  These can be a conversation starter and also give your employer something other than just your resumé to remember you by.

When deciding how to dress for an interview, add some flair to make sure you are remembered, have a nice pair of shoes, dress appropriately, and be sure you know your audience. Follow these tips and good luck out there, remember it can be a very competitive job market so any advantage that helps you get a leg up should be utilized and that includes knowing how to dress for an interview to be sure you get your dream job.