Having a lovely lawn is something that most people with a garden aspire to. However, they then start looking for native grass seeds for sale and then think they don’t have to tend to their lawn anymore, because the seed is native. In reality, however, there are many different types of native grasses, and all of them need special attention. Let’s take a look at the different common seeds and how to care for them.

Bermuda Grass

This is the type of grass that does well in hot climates and needs a lot of sun. It uses surface runners to bond to the surface of the soil, and the blades are very fine. You should cut this grass often, keeping it short. It is a hardy grass, which means it can tolerate traffic, salt, heat and drought. Common Bermuda is the most common type developed from seed.

Zoysia Grass

This is another grass suitable for warm climates. It is slow growing and has a long dormant season, which makes it quite hard to take hold. But once it does, however, it is a highly low maintenance type of grass. You don’t have to water it often either, and it is another hardy type of seed.

St Augustine

This is a very exotic type of grass, and it has broad blades. Its rooting system is very shallow, so overgrowth is easy to control. It can resist salt and can cope with shade. However, establishing it is quite hard.

Buffalo Grass

This is true prairie grass and, for some, the only truly “native” grass seed. It is very fine in texture and its color is light green. It doesn’t need a lot of water or nitrogen. If you do water it a lot, you will have to mow it more often. Buffalo grass is also a warm climate variety.

Bent Grass 

Bent grass is native to cooler climates. It is a high maintenance type of grass, which means you have to disease control it, water it, fertilize it, and mow it. It has very fine leaves, which create a remarkably beautiful lawn. However, as a cool climate grass, it often gets diseased during summer. Additionally, if not looked after properly, it can take over the soil and become clumped.

Rye Grass

Another cool season grass, this one is easy to grow. It is usually used to over-seed grasses for warm climates if planted in a cool climate. It needs regular trimming, using a rotary mower.

Tall Fescue

This is a very green grass, with wide leaves. You need quite a lot of soil to grow this. While you can mow it, it looks best when tall.

Kentucky Blue Grass

The final cool climate native grass is tolerant against drought and prefers average heat. It does need a lot of care and you should water it if you want it to look really nice. However, it is a reasonably easy grass to grow.