We have all heard of the term “personal injury”, but exactly what the laws surrounding that are, is anyone’s guess. This is because each state sets its own laws. They are created by a panel of judges, who also monitor and modify these laws. It is also for this reason that you should only find a lawyer in the state in which the personal injury occurred, as the laws in Texas will be very different from those in South Carolina, for instance. This is also why the Manibog Pasadena office only deals with cases from the Pasadena, CA area. Although each state has its own rules, there are also some similarities that are true across the board. This includes the three types of torts:

  1. Strict liability torts.
  2. Negligence torts.
  3. Intentional torts.

Three Personal Injury Torts

Firstly, there are the strict liability torts. These happen when someone behaves in such a way that they harm another period. It doesn’t matter whether they knew that someone would get hurt or not, nor does it matter whether they were able to conform to the expected standards. Simply the fact that, due to their actions, someone else was injured is all that is mattered in this case.

The second type is if the negligence tort. The vast majority of personal injury cases refer to this type of tort. The law in every state demands citizens act in a reasonable and responsible manner, so that they do not cause undue risk to others.

Finally, there is the intentional tort. Here, people who perpetrate the injury are aware of what they are doing, while they are doing it. This means there is an intention to cause injury. Cases such as workplace bullying, mental abuse, household physical abuse, and assault are common forms of intentional torts.

Other Areas of Personal Injury Law

There are also non-tort laws relating to personal injury. One of those is the professional malpractice law. These laws are in place to protect people from wrongful or unethical actions of professional people, who we trust.

One element of this is the product liability. When consumers purchase something, they expect it to function properly. However, sometimes, there is a problem that causes injury or damage to the consumer. In this case, it is possible for people to sue the manufacturers for product liability issues.

Lastly, there is the transportation law. When aviation, maritime, railroad, or automobile accidents take place, they are reviewed specifically under transportation laws.

How to Get Personal Injury Right

In order to make sure personal injury laws to your full advantage, you also need to understand which specific law matches your case. That means looking through the information above, and finding out the laws that apply to your particular case in your state as well. Only in that case will you be able to figure out what type of compensation you are entitled to. This is not as overwhelming as it may seem, since personal injury lawyers are at hand to help you manage it.