Costa Rica is known for its lush greenery and beautiful beaches. Furthermore, it is a paradise for nature lovers. The number of things to avoid while living or visiting this spectacular place is plenty, however, one has to follow these 3 rules in order to have a safe and pleasant trip in Costa Rica.

  1. Never be afraid of rainy season

Costa Rica’s May–November wet season doesn’t have to deter you from travel here. For much of that time, you’ll have rain for a couple of hours in the afternoon, and you can plan your activities around that schedule. Rains become heavier and more prolonged in September and October, and if you fancy a beach vacation during those two months, it could be a washout. The bonus of rainy-season travel is the lush green landscape and lower prices, and in a stroke of marketing genius, the tourism industry here bills the wet months as the “Green Season.”

  1. Try not to smoke in public

Costa Rica has now gone smoke-free, with lighting up prohibited in all public buildings. That takes in all businesses, and the law governs bars and restaurants too. The smoking ban also includes your hotel room and all public areas, indoors and outdoors, of all lodgings. You’ll see the red, white, and black signs everywhere. Compliance is good; fines are steep for both the errant smoker and the business.

  1. Don’t Go During Christmas or Semana Santa

Prices go up and availability goes down dramatically during those weeks. Not only do foreigners flock here, but you’re competing for space with Costa Ricans. They have the time off too. Make hotel and car-rental reservations weeks—better yet, months—in advance if you plan to be here during those periods. And be prepared for one arcane oddity of Costa Rican law if you’re here during Holy Week: Holy Thursday and Good Friday are legally dry days in many communities, and no alcoholic beverages may be served or sold.

So, if you decide to go during the Christmas, Costa Rica is sure to burn a hole in your pocket. In Order to compensate for the high prices during this time it is advisable to play bingo for some quick cash.