Engineering has recently be found to be on of the most popular choices of major chosen by America students in what has come as something of a surprising result. In that past it was always business and the humanities which would grab top place but it looks like the creatives are taking over. It is easy to understand why people like Shahriar Ekbatani hold such desirable jobs, they are the creators of this world and their jobs are highly rewarding both professionally and personally as well as being highly well paid. Within engineering there are many different branches of specialization and today we are going to take a look at some of them.

Civil Engineering

This is by far ad away the most popular of the engineering branches, civil engineering deals with the man-made constructions that we see around us every day. These are the engineers who complete projects on roads, buildings, bridges and infrastructure and there is a high demand for these types of engineering specialists.

Chemical Engineers

The role of the chemical engineer is to create something useful out of a number of pre-existing chemicals or even finding new chemicals. These engineers play an important role in fields such as medicine and drugs right down to the type of fertilizers which farmers use on their crops. In order to get a position as a chemical engineer, one must understand basic engineering as well as having an extremely high level of ability in the sciences.

Computer Engineers

Computer engineering is the fastest growing of all of the branches of engineering as the need for computers and software reaches epic levels. Whether working in hardware or software, computer engineers need to use advanced computing practices to constantly create and recreate technology which can advance how we approach the world of computers. As more and more companies look to place their focus on computers as well as new, smart and highly capable software, engineers like these are in extremely high demand.

Aerospace Engineering

This branch of engineering deals all of the ways in which man can take to air and space and it is arguably one of the most difficult branches of engineering to get involved with. In order to become an aerospace engineer, you must have a high level of math and science, especially physics, as well a a firm grasp on aerospace itself and you will also be required to take an additional course in this specialist subject. Aerospace engineers work at tiger cutting edge of new technology as they search to improve the technology which already exists as well as creating new and more advanced ways in which we can take to the skies. Anyone who has dreams of one day working for NASA will need to study the field of aerospace to an extremely high level.

Would you like to be an engineer? Which branch would you opt to study? Let us know your thoughts.