With so many technologies available to assist with setting up a business, more people are looking to start a new business than ever before. Both old and young are getting into it and seeking to be their own bosses while they search for fortune and fame. Haris Ahmed Chicago based business consultant cautions that the reality is that they are also finding that there is more competition amongst businesses in almost all business markets and it is now more challenging than ever to create sustained success in the business world. There are however ways to succeed, but in order to do so, you need to master the qualities for business success. Here are the ones to focus on these days:

A Great Communicator

Business requires that you become a really good communicator. Let me be clear about this. This is not to say that you need to have great communication skills or a great speech giver, what is needed is that you come up with a way of communicating that allows you to clearly show your team, investors, vendors and customers your intentions. How you get this across, whether it is spoken, written, or even if you have someone else do the communicating of your intentions is all equally good as long as your thoughts get to the intended person or group in the way needed to cause progress. By the way, most leaders understand that the communication needs to take into account the concerns of the person being communicated to and not just focus on the needs or desires of the communicator. This way the person listening has a reason to respond positively to what he or she is being told.

Highly Motivated

Business requires that you have a high motor and an ability to keep yourself and your team energized to take on the hard tasks needed for continued success. You will need to excel in the areas of ambition and being able to push yourself when you are not feeling well and when things do not go the way that you had hoped. You also need to revel in watching what the competition is doing. Did they introduce new products that cause ours to be less valuable in the marketplace? Did they get a cash injection allowing them to beat out our marketing? Did they add new staff that can take them into new areas and give them large leads on us? All of this questioning should spur you on to work harder and smarter to win. At the same time, you want to instill in your team the need for fair play and good ethics. Winning at any cost is never worth it, but winning fairly and being gracious when you do, is the right way to do it.


Being dependable is a key quality for business success. When you are in business, customers, vendors, strategic partners, employees, and investors depend on you to do what you say and perform when needed. This dynamic is the foundation for why good businesses work so well. Knowing that someone will come to pass allows everyone in the group to plan the future and to step into that future confidently. Without this people will become hesitant and unsure about their actions causing things to slow down and be less sturdy. The result is less sales, less customers and relationships that need too much management. So for business success, you need to be reliable and demand that others are as well.

Take to heart these three business elements and incorporate them into how you run your business and you will become more successful.