The single most important thing for any business owner to worry about is finance and if you are not on top of what is coming in to and what is going out of the business then you are set for a great fall. The biggest reasons why businesses fail is because they either mismanage their finances or they simply do not have enough of it.

I was talking to my friend Eugene Bernshtam recently, financial expert and we were talking about the importance that a financial advisor can have on a company of any size and that too few business owners actually seek professional financial advice. I you fall into this category then here are just some of the reasons why your business should seek professional advice when it comes to the financial side of things.

The Gift of Time

Even if you are a business owner with a wealth f expertise when it comes to finances, this is not what your role is and the more time that you spend looking at them, the less time you will be spending doing what you are supposed to be doing. Let’s say you are a restaurateur for example, the time that you spend with your head in the books is time that you should be spending holding your chefs and waiting staff to account, ensuring that you are market the restaurant and ultimately, that you are keeping the customers happy. Having a professional dealing with your finances means that they are looked after, you can get the daily headlines as to what is happening and you are given a great deal more time to do what you do best, running the business.


It can be tough to make sound financial judgements when you are directly and emotionally involved in the decision. For this reason a financial advisor can greatly help as they can offer you advice which is based on nothing more than facts and figures. This neutrality can help you to avoid making mistakes when it comes to financial decisions and could ultimate ensure that you stay in business for a longer period of time.


Never underestimate the level of contacts which financial advisors have and once you contact one, you will gain access to their little black book. Whether it is mortgage advice, investment or insurance services that you are looking for, it is more than likely that your advisor has a contact within that specific field and you can get the best service and the best price as a result of your affiliation.

A financial advisor is there to make sure that the financial side of the business runs well, they will advise you on both over and underspending, they can help you in terms of growth and they can given you sage advise on all aspects of your business’ financial dealings. If you don’t have one already then arrange a consultation as soon as possible, your business could depend on it.