The Internet Has Changed the Business Landscape Forever

With the proliferation of easy-to-tap mobile apps, and one-click-order options from major e-commerce sites, online shopping has become the new normal for most consumers. This major change in consumer behavior has given the smaller businesses in the consumer packaged goods industry direct access to consumers around the world. This has resulted in large consumer packaged goods brands losing more than $18 billion since 2009.

Adapting to Changing Consumer Behavior

In this digital era, unless a business manages to tell a compelling story to the customers, it’s doomed. Being disruptive and innovative is no longer a choice. While this poses a challenge, it also offers an opportunity.

As millennials and the Generation Z have switched to shopping mostly online, the future of consumer packaged goods industry looks promising. The traditional ways of grocery shopping do not suit these younger shoppers. They simply don’t have the patience. Brands that manage to read the behavior of these important demographics, and tailor their operations and products accordingly will reap huge dividends.

Why Use Digital Flexible Packaging?

If you want your brand to grab the attention of the millennials and the Generation Z, one way you can do so is by paying close attention to how your products look on your website, social media, and shopping websites. The traditional ways of using cans, jars, bottles, clamshell containers, and rigid boxes simply isn’t going to present an image of your brand that can stand out. This is where using digital flexible packaging can help you.

By opting for digital flexible packaging, you can have custom printed packaging that will allow you to express the uniqueness of your brand. So when consumers see your product online, your products are going to grab their attention. That’s not all, these packaging can also serve as 3-D billboards for your brand. This is important because many consumers browse for products online, but eventually buy them in physical stores. If they can spot your products in stores due to their unique packaging after seeing them online, it’s going to be helpful in boosting your sales. Although it’s not emphasized normally, beautiful packaging can do wonders for building brand loyalty to your business.

The benefits of digital flexible packaging are not limited to improved appearance only. They are also significantly lighter than traditional packagings like cans, bottles, jars, etc. As a significant portion of your sales are likely to come from online sales, the decreased weight is going to benefit both your business as well as your customers. Lightweight flexible retail packaging is going to reduce your shipping costs, while also requiring less fuel for transportation. Thus, by choosing to use digital flexible packaging for your products, you are not only helping your business and customers, but also the environment. Isn’t that great?

Using digital flexible packaging can help you to break the clutter and tell the unique story of your brand to the world. Not only does it help you to improve your brand recognition and as a result, boost sales, but also saves you money and helps the environment.