A decade ago online gambling was thought to be a passing fancy. There were so many regulatory hurdles and questions around security, legitimacy and technical issues that welcomed the industry, there was a strong belief that it would not survive long. What doubters seem to not fully understand is that the industry was so desired by so many that all of the initial issues simply had to be worked out to meet the huge demand. In other words, there was definitely an industry here and it could not be denied.

Today, the online casino industry is one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment in the world. International and national laws against the industry are quickly disappearing and the industry has been aggressively policing itself to weed out bad players and to standardize gameplay and regulations. The result is that governments are satisfied and millions of new players each month are beginning to have a spin at the casino online. There a many reasons for such quick and steady growth, but a few of the reasons are prominent as to why the online casino industry is flourishing. Here are those reasons:

The Convenience

The most popular reason has to be that online gambling is so convenient. Before this industry, if you wanted to gamble on casino games, you had to travel to a state that allowed gambling and that had the games you wanted to play. In the US and many other countries, gambling laws stated that any gambling had to take place within that state or city’s borders and only during the times that were mandated. This often meant Long travel times to get to a casino and then limited gambling time when you arrived. Getting to a casino was not always easy and wherever you went, the odds are that there would be large crowds constantly competing for the games you wanted to play. In the end you might lose your money, the price of airfare and even a stay at the hotel.

When you gamble online it can be done on a mobile app and from the convenience of your phone, PC or tablet and you can play any game you want any time of the day you choose. There are even stories of people winning big pots while waiting on line at a grocery check-out.

Learning New Games

Another aspect is learning new games of chance. At a casino it is virtually impossible to pick up the rules of a new game. You simply have to watch and hope you understand how it works and then place your bet. Online casinos have training areas where they teach you all of the rules and the odds for winning. They also provide strategies to make you more successful. Mobile gambling apps are easy and can be learned in less than ten minutes and you can both add and take out funds within the mobile gambling app.

The Privacy

There is no real privacy or anonymity when you go to a regular casino. Everyone can see you, what games you play, whether you win or lose, and how much you win or lose. Having crowds around for some people adds to the excitement, but for others it is simply intrusive. You also have to be dressed properly and act a certain way in a real casino. When you play online you do not have any of these concerns or restrictions. You can dress any way you like or not at all and you can completely act how you feel no matter what game you play and against whom.

These are the main reasons why so many people choose online gambling when they want to have fun and play games of chance.