A lot of people would like to become involved in the world of private equity. This is where millions are lost and made, after all, and it appears to be a real high-flying career. However, experts like Gregory Lindae warn that these careers are not for everybody. That said, he also understands why so many people are interested in it, which is why he has put together three key tips that people can use if they want to have a career in this field.

Three Top Tips to Get into a Private Equity Career

According to Greg Lindae, the three key things to thing about are:

  1. That you must start as early as possible. Anyone who wants to have a career in private equity should start straight away, ensuring that any jobs they do or any studies they complete, are geared towards that. While this may seem thankless and slow-going for a long time, it is an opportunity to gain experience and to start to understand what kind of career decisions are important ones in the field of private equity. Most of all, it is an opportunity to start building a resume that allows you to stand out from the crowd. You can start to build financial references and build a professional network, complete important training and courses, and become experienced in a financial field.
  2. That you must build experience. Thousands of people want to become private equity investors, so you need to have something that makes you stand out from the massive crowd. You will not get a job with a private equity firm unless you can show that you already know what you are talking about. Sure, they will provide you with some training, but they expect you to be able to get into the company and get to work straight away. The more experience you have, the more likely it is that you will be invited to an interview, which leads on from the first tip that Lindae shared. He recommends that prospective investors take on any chance to complete internships, or to work within a service provider field, as this helps them to get to know the industry from the inside.
  3. That you must educate yourself. It doesn’t matter how you do this, so long as you take any opportunity to learn important things about the private equity and financial industry. You have to be proactive in this. You can spend hours reading financial websites, take part in paid for training courses, complete MOOCs, read journals, and so on. Whatever it is that you do, you must make sure that you become more familiar with private equity. This will ensure that you not only spot job opportunities when they appear, but also that you will be able to stand out during your interview. Knowledge is power and if you have the knowledge, you will be able to come across as confident as well.

These three tips do not guarantee that you will get a job in private equity, warns Gregory Lindea. They will, however, increase your chances.