While chances are you will get to your destination from either by plane or automobile these days, once you get to your vacation destination, why not try something new? Here are some fun ways to get around on holiday.

Fun Ways to Get Around on HolidayRent a Scooter
Some of the best ways to explore a new travel destination is by scooter. Whether you are on the beaches of Mexico or the mountains of South East Asia consider renting a scooter. The independence of a scooter will allow you to find places that tour busses don’t go, it will also let you do things on your own pace. Remember that just because scooters are smaller than motorcycles doesn’t mean they are any safer! Be cautious when riding in a foreign country, don’t do anything you wouldn’t’  do at home, and always wear a helmet. Also make sure you rent from a reputable vendor and the scooters are in good shape. Check the lights and brakes before leaving the shop. Once on your scooter be prepared to enjoy the trip as much as the destination. If you want to spoil yourself, you can go further and rent a car, maybe the one of your dreams, and enjoy driving it for a day or more.

Trains are not as popular as they once were but that doesn’t mean they are not an awesome way to get around on holiday. Most countries have beautiful railways that will let you enjoy the scenery while heading towards your destination. Whether you are traveling through the deserts of India or the mountains of Switzerland a train can be a true travelers experience. It allows you to meet interesting characters and take stunning photos. It can also be a good way to save money, by booking sleeper cars you save on lodging. Be careful though, once you start traveling by train it can be addictive and you may never want to go back to plains!

Riding a bike on vacation is becoming a method to get around on holiday. Whether this means marathon rides from border to border or a afternoon trip around ancient temples a bicycle is a great way to see the sights. It is also a terrific way to stay in shape while on vacation. Just like a scooter you will want to make sure your bike is good working order and comes with a helmet and you follow the appropriate traffic laws. Bicycling gives you fresh air, freedom, and ability to see sights without crowds or stuffy busses. You will also be surprised to learn how bicycle friendly many cities and towns have become these days. You may find yourself so into bicycling that you will pick it up when you get home!

We hope some of these fun ways to get around holiday gave you some inspiration for your next trip.  On your next trip we hope you enjoy the scenic slow pace of a train, the relaxing breeze of a bicycle ride, or the thrill and independence of zipping along on a motor scooter. No matter what you choose you are bound to take your vacation to a new level by switching your dull transportation for something new!