Have you stopped for a moment to think about all your body can tell you?

Unfortunately, too many people ignore warning signs that their bodies can send them. As a result, they may end up placing their lives in some jeopardy over time.

With that in mind, it is a good idea to listen to your body and all that it can say to you.

So, will you be a better listener moving forward?

Don’t Wait for an Emergency to Hit You

Even though you can be the healthiest person and still have a medical emergency, lower the odds of such an event.

Among the ways to do this:

· Don’t ignore warning signs – If you get the common cold, you often end up with a sore throat, runny nose, and a cough. That sore throat or runny nose will usually be the early warning alerts that you are coming down with a cold. That said other warning signs your body will send you can prove more ominous. As an example, having chest pains and dizziness could be an alert that you are on your way to a heart attack. Meantime, constant head pains could be migraines to a worst-case scenario of a tumor. When you avoid warning signs your body is sending you, you can end up with a medical emergency.

· Take care of your body – Do you go to your doctor for an annual physical? Do you eat the right foods at home and on the road and steer clear of excessive alcohol and smoking? Do you get the needed exercise that your body requires to stay fit and trim? Taking care of your body does not have to be an obstacle for you. In return for taking care of your body, there’s a good chance it will mean a long life.

· Meet emergencies head-on – If more than a cold or occasional headache, you may want to go to a local emergency room. Doing so could end up saving your life. In being pro-active, do some research ahead of time of the best emergency room options in your area. Remember, this includes both where you live and work. Although the decision where to go can at times be out of your hands, you want as much control as you can get. Remember, a freestanding emergency center more times than not means less crowds.

· Keep a positive attitude – Last, do you consider yourself to be a positive person? Always letting stress get the better of you can be a health recipe for disaster. Do your best to stay positive and not let stress wear you down. If stress has been getting to you, take some time to see why that is. You may very well need to readjust some or much of the way you go about living. In doing this, you could very well see your stress levels go down and your happiness go up.

In doing a better job of listening to your body, where will you begin?