Double glazing salesmen have a foul name. They have a reputation of victimisation and pressuring sales techniques as well as using jargon which tends to confuse folks. While this may be true for some companies, it’s vital to grasp that this is not true for the majority of double glazing salesmen, especially in 2017.

Whether or not you’ve come across untrustworthy tradesmen or not, we are often told that it’s easy to “save X amount on your energy bills per year” when you get new windows. Is that this realistic? How are you able to know this? Here are some tips to figure out if this is the case for you:

  • Check the rating

If you have got single glazed windows, you undoubtedly can save cash on your energy bill when you install double glazed windows instead. This is also true for windows that were installed over twenty years in the past.

The glass trade has made huge technological advances since then, and, in general, A-rated windows back in the nineties will no longer be A-rated in 2017, so new windows will save you money on your energy bills. Plus, the natural deterioration of your windows can scale back their energy efficiency, and when you compare this to proper home insulation, it simply doesn’t cut it. Don’t let your windows be the energy leak in your home.

  • Got style?

For those living in an area with period homes or that has restrictions on planning permissions,  you might also be restricted on the styles and types of windows you can opt for when you get replacements. You might be bound to invest in additional costly window designs and materials if this is the case for you.

Typically, box sash windows are quite a bit more expensive than their casement window counterparts, and wood windows will be quite a bit more expensive than uPVC and need additional repairs and maintenance.

Unfortunately, wooden sash windows are in high demand for period homes in conservation areas. If you’re restricted in the scope of your decisions and must choose more expensive windows, you won’t recoup the value of your new windows with energy savings.

  • Curb appeal

One advantage to having new windows installed, and can bring you some more cash in the long term, is the improvement you will see in curb appeal, particularly if you choose a trendy style or color. Composite framing for windows and doors are in vogue at the minute, but, of course, fashion changes so this isn’t a fantastic long-term strategy.

It should be said, however, that bay windows will always add value and attractiveness to a home. Not only does this window style add space to the interior of your home, they will also allow more light to enter your home. This means a brighter interior as well as a space for adding a seat or simply an area to decorate!

  • Repair, don’t replace

If you can’t afford to shop for replacement windows but you still wish to raise the buying price of your home, it may well be time to repair them or just to perform routine maintenance and improvements on your worn-out windows.

It’s easy to forget to do a deep clean of our windows once a year even though it is highly recommended so they continue working properly and looking their best. If you’re not doing this, you’ll still be able to restore them to their former glory by carrying out a little bit of cleaning and maintenance, and perhaps doing some small repairs of broken mechanisms.

  • Compare, compare, compare

It is a good plan to speak to multiple window suppliers so as to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, and to arm yourself with information about your requirements. Whether or not you save money on your energy bill with new windows will depend a lot on your current situation, which can only really be evaluated by an expert.

Use their expertise to confirm if you do in fact have a leaky seal, or whether it’s just the salesman spouting hot air. The simplest way to do this is to speak to window companies near you and to find patterns and outliers in prices. Saving cash is a high priority for most – especially since windows are so expensive. Comparing isn’t always easy either, but when you visit it’s simple. Fill in one form, get multiple quotes and save!