Step #1 in learning how to prepare early for the 2017 holiday season: hit shops like this in January
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Yeah, yeah, we know: the holiday season is barely over and already we’re already writing an article to remind you of next Christmas.

You may not want to read about this, especially considering the bills that you might be facing in the aftermath of this year’s holiday season.

However, the most joyous time of the year will surely come again 11 1/2 months from now. We just want to make sure that you will be able to pull it off without having to go into debt again.

My Voucher Codes recently released a video on this subject (check it out beneath the article below), as it is their mission to help consumers save their hard-earned money.

After watching it, we were inspired to write an article of our own – read on below so that you can prepare for the upcoming holiday season while everybody else is busy working on their tan.

1) Set a monthly Christmas budget

A great way to organize yourself in time for next Christmas is to set a monthly budget that will help you fund purchases as the year transpires.

Too often, people let Christmas creep up on them. Lacking the money to purchase what they’ll need for celebrations and presents in the moment, they turn to credit, creating a terrible fiscal hangover for themselves come January.

By setting aside at least $100 per month as you move through 2017, you will have a reservoir of capital at hand that will prevent you from having to borrow money to fund the Christmas that you are envisioning.

2) Hit the January Christmas decor sales

Ever wonder what happens to all those decorations after the holiday season has ended? They don’t disappear into a black hole – all this merchandise is sold at clearance sale prices, with discounts of 50% or more not being uncommon.

Create a list of everything that you will need for the next holiday season and go shopping in January for decorations you need to replace or add to your repertoire.

3) Note your loved one’s interests

Pay close attention to what your friends and family express interest in as 2017 unfolds. If you don’t see some of the people on your list on a regular basis, tune into their social media feeds, as these treasure troves of information will give you great ideas for gifts.

Finally, if they indirectly suggest that something would be great for them, take them at their word: go ahead and buy it, provided that it isn’t obscenely expensive.

4) Keep your ear to the ground for sales on specific items

If you have an idea of what you want to get for those that are on your list, take note of the times of year when it is best to buy certain products.

For instance, March is the best time to buy golf clubs, September is the best time to purchase plane tickets for a surprise trip, and interestingly enough, December is one of the best times to shop for electronics.

By knowing when you should be taking advantage of sales, you will be making the most efficient use of your Christmas budget.